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Queer Eye for the Brooklyn Brownstone!

15 January 2007
The New York Observer - Article by Max Abelson

A Brooklyn brownstone is about to get a makeover à la Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

Swishy television foodie Ted Allen, who tells heterosexuals what to eat on the hit Bravo program, has sold his $2.75 million five-room loft at the chic Chelsea Atelier to go renovate a brownstone in Brooklyn.

He would not disclose his new Brooklyn neighborhood, but said he’s found “plenty of nice places to eat in Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens,” and that he also likes Fort Greene/Clinton Hill.

In any case, the brownstone is not in shiny-new-condo condition. “The kitchen is going to need a little Barry treatment.”

And what will that amount to?

Coke-palace 70’s décor—in this ancient period space,” said interior designer Barry Rice, Mr. Allen’s partner.

A little bit of Chelsea right in brownstone Brooklyn!

According to broker Ed Hickey’s listing at Meisel Real Estate, the 2,258-square-foot apartment Mr. Allen just sold, designed by Mr. Rice, is square-shaped. The kitchen, which sits in the center of the square, is perhaps unsurprisingly Mr. Allen’s favorite part of the apartment.

“Barry designed a kitchen that was at once really sleek and gorgeous and well-equipped. It’s kind of a Viking-palooza.”

The center of the box is the “truly miraculous dream kitchen,” according to Mr. Allen, “that you’d be happy to have in Des Moines, let alone in Manhattan.”

But Iowans don’t have 150-bottle-capacity wine coolers. And sadly, they often lack twin dishwashers. “It’s a fantastic thing to have both—if you’re ridiculous enough to have two,” Mr. Allen said.

His partner designed the space so that a large foyer separates the master bedroom from the suite for guests. “It’s really private for them.” Mr. Allen said, “They can stay out of our hair.”

According to Mr. Hickey, the apartment sale has closed. Why did the couple feel like leaving? “We wanted to have a yard, and a little single-family house, and a place to barbecue and grow plants.”

So, naturally, he and Mr. Rice bought a brownstone. “At this stage in the game, the stuff I want to do has less to do with 24-hour craziness and nightclubs than having a great private space.”